Project Description

Park Avenue / Ulsterville Avenue, Belfast

Project:           Park Avenue / Ulsterville Avenue, Belfast
           Helm Housing Ltd
Contract:        NEC3 Engineering & Construction Contract Short Contract (June 2005)

Works: Includes demolition & removal of existing site features & boundary walls to make way for the proposals. The site is to be fully cleared to make way for the works except for the features identified to be retained. The new build element of construction consists of sub & super structures for the extension & new boundary walls. The refurbishment of an existing listed building will consist of 2 Nr 3P/2B apartments on ground floor & 6P3B elsewhere. The works will also include associated site works, paths, ramps, walls & underground utility service works including all services & any abandonment & diversion works deemed necessary.

Duration:        30 Weeks
Stage:              Works to commence in the coming weeks

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